Long Weekends and the Art of Doing Nothing


Wait. Lemme try that again.


Better. Much better.

See, that’s what a long weekend should sound like. After weeks of stress at work and writing after work and getting home and having chores and getting ready for a holiday with the fam and then doing the holiday with the fam… It’s time to not do a damn thing.

OK. Fine. Technically I’ll do stuff. But here’s the thing – the ‘art’ as the title of the post says. I’ll only do the stuff I totally want to. Binge watch a favorite show on Netflix. Wrestle with the dog. Sleep late. Go to bed early. I’m going to drink a bit more beer than I should, and worry a lot less about adulting problems than I should. Add all that up, and you get ‘nothing.’

And if you do it right, doing nothing is awesome.


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