Work In Progress

I released Undead Cheesehead, the final(?) book in the Monsters in the Midwest series, back in March. Since then, I’ve been… Um. Working really hard. At, you know. Writing stuff.

OK. That isn’t totally true. It isn’t not true. It’s just not 100% accurate. If I’d simply said, “I’ve been writing stuff,” that would’ve been true. I’ve written my name on receipts at bars. I’ve written emails at my day job. I’ve written a bunch of tweets and comments on Facebook. But I don’t think that quite adds up to ‘working really hard’ at writing stuff.

So let’s tweak the above a bit and say I’ve been writing stuff, and working really hard at other stuff. Like what, you ask? Well…

Marketing. You may not know it, but getting people to know you have a book or three is exhaustingly tough. So I’ve been doing promos on Amazon and tabling at conventions. I’m a sponsor for a cool contest for indie authors called ShoreIndie (@ShoreIndie on Twitter). I run a series of events for Minnesotan authors called the Books and Beer Pop-up Bookstore and have been planning the next event. All of that ends up taking a lot of time.

Drinking beer. Yes, I have been working really hard at drinking beer. And as with most things, the hard work is definitely paying off. I’ve put back at least a pint of beer damn near every day. This is important, because science says it’s good for you.

Reading. My TBR list is longer than… something really long. Over the past few years, my reading time had dwindled to a couple hours a week. At that rate, I was barely getting through 2-3 substantial books a year. That’s no fun, so I’ve been carving out more time to read.

There’s been other stuff, too, and one of those ‘other stuff’ things has been writing. I’ve been chipping away at some short story ideas, getting some thought down for a new steampunk comedy series, poking around with a more serious sci-fi piece. But since we’re being honest, the writing has been pretty low on my list the past few months.

Don’t worry, though. While I’m not working really hard at the moment, I will be soon. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not the next day. But soon…

And when I am, I promise the next “Work In Progress” post will be much more satisfying 🙂



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