I write paranormal comedy. Paranomedy. Comedormal? That stuff.

The Stuff that Scott Wrote

The Misadventures of a Paranormal Post-Relationship Personal Effects Repossession Specialist

A darkly funny noir urban fantasy series.

Messy breakup? Want your stuff back from your ex? Shapeshifter August Shade can help. For a reasonable fee, he’ll get your favorite whatever back and hopefully not die in the process.

Monsters in the Midwest

A cheese-infused, flannel-clad, very Wisconsin horror-comedy trilogy.

Herb, Dallas, and Stanley live in small-town Wisconsin, where life is nice and simple.

Until Herb becomes a vampire.
And Dallas becomes a werewolf.
And Stanley becomes a zombie.

Coloring Book for Grownups

Anthologies Featuring Short Stories by Scott Burtness

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